Dental anxiety is relatively common in adults around the United States, affecting thousands of people. However, even if your dental anxiety makes keeping appointments a challenge, you still need regular professional dental care to keep your teeth strong and your whole body healthy.

Without regular professional exams, cleanings, and treatments, you could risk serious oral health complications, including tooth loss and gum disease. So, if just the idea of going to the dentist makes you break out in cold sweats, how can you make sure to get the dental and oral health care you need?

The compassionate and sensitive care team at Sunrise Dental is here to help. We treat new and existing patients from our comfortable and welcoming offices, conveniently located in Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington. It’s important to us that your dental anxiety not impact your oral health care. Use these helpful tips and tricks to stay on top of your anxiety symptoms

Tips and tricks for dental anxiety

When you come in for a dental appointment, your anxiety may spike uncomfortably. You could have physical symptoms related to anxiety, such as shortness of breath, sweating, or a rapid heartbeat.

Although these symptoms are distressing, you can take action to relieve or diminish your anxiety-related discomfort. Among the techniques you can try include:

  • Controlling your breathing, keeping your exhales and inhales regular and deep
  • Using meditation techniques to refocus your attention during your appointment
  • Using distractions, like music or a podcast, that won’t interfere with your treatment needs

If you’re concerned about dental anxiety, our care team can work with you to put together a treatment plan that gives you plenty of anxiety support.

Communicate with your provider

The more you let us know about your dental anxiety issues, the better we can assist you in overcoming them. Your dental treatment needs may become critical, painful, or more expensive if you don’t receive prompt, regular care and treatment. With more regular visits to the dentist, you can avoid lengthy procedures and stressful complications.

Let our team know about your dental anxiety needs as soon as you book your appointment. You should also communicate about your anxiety-related needs when you check in to our office. When we’re aware of your concerns, we can take steps to support you and relieve your anxiety symptoms.

If you need dental treatment, contact Sunrise Dental today. If you have dental anxiety that makes you reluctant to make an appointment, we can assist you in coping, so that you can calmly and peacefully receive the care you need. You can schedule an appointment with our team by calling our offices.