Whether you head for the beach or an overseas adventure, summer vacation is an ideal time to reward yourself for a year well-done. But that beautiful bikini, hot board shorts, or stunning evening attire might not make the impression you want if your smile looks yellow and dull.

Professional teeth whitening from Sunrise Dental in Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington helps you look as radiant and carefree as you feel. The team of expert dentists at Sunrise Dental explains why summertime is the right time to whiten your teeth:

1. Whiter teeth flatter your tan

If you’re a beach bunny, even the highest SPF can’t stop you from bronzing under the sun. Or, if you want darker skin but like to be safe, you might head to the salon for a professional spray-on tan.

No matter how you get your tan, a yellowish smile detracts from your healthy glow. White teeth, in contrast, look even more brilliant next to darker skin. In fact, white teeth plus a tan equals your most radiant smile ever!

Though it may take days to weeks to earn a natural tan, a professional teeth whitening session takes less than an hour. At Sunrise Dental, the expert cosmetic dentists use the Zoom!® whitening system to brighten your smile by up to eight shades in the time it usually takes to grab a quick bite at the sandwich shop.

2. Your smile is as stunning as the scenery

Have you noticed? Yellow teeth look even dingier in photographs than they do in real life. When you’re posting pics of yourself smiling proudly after scaling a mountain or riding a 10-foot wave, the last thing you want people noticing is your dull or dingy teeth.

But a bright, white smile makes you look like a movie star in whatever photo you post. Zoom! Whitening does more than just break up stains on the surface of your teeth. Its special hydrogen peroxide molecules penetrate your enamel and reach into the dentin layer of your tooth, which is naturally grayish.

When you’re younger, the thick enamel on your tooth hides the gray dentin. As you age and your enamel wears off, the gray “shines” through. By reaching down into your tooth’s inner core and whitening the dentin, Zoom! gives you layers of whitening that withstand the hardest glare and the brightest camera flash.

3. Teeth whitening is a perfect self-care treat

Massage, a great haircut, a mani-pedi: These are all wonderful ways to feel relaxed and to help yourself look your absolute best. Add in teeth-whitening to make your happy picture complete.

After whitening your teeth up to eight shades in the office, your Sunrise Dental expert can give you a take-home kit, too. Unlike store-bought, over-the-counter kits, your Zoom! kit is custom made to fit your teeth snugly and minimize tooth sensitivity. You can use your Zoom! on a regular basis, or just when you feel you need a touch-up.

4. A brilliant smile makes everything easier

The more beautiful your smile looks, the more likely it is you’ll smile more! Not only does a dazzling smile convey health and confidence, it actually boosts your mood and self-esteem. In fact, in a moment of stress, a smile can reduce the intensity of your response and help your body decompress.

5. You have the time!

Whether you have casual Fridays, half-day Fridays, or just a lot of extra vacation days to cash in, a professional teeth-whitening session is easy to fit into your summer schedule. You don’t need much time to take your smile from humdrum to va-va-voom.

And if you forgot to schedule teeth whitening before vacation, don’t worry! Your Sunrise Dental dentist can create a custom-made, at-home kit that you can take with you on your travels.

Get a brighter smile in an hour by booking a lunchtime Zoom! Whitening session at Sunrise Dental. Call the friendly and brilliantly smiling staff today to book your appointment.